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Isabel: The Final WOD

The last time I did the Isabel WOD was on September 20, 2012.
Thursday, December 20, 2012
A: 20 minutes to find a 1 RM Snatch
B: "Isabel" Rx: 135/95
30 Snatches for time
Results A: If I remember correctly, I PRed recently on my snatches at 100 lb. Yesterday, Coach D was pushing me and I hit a new PR: 105 lbs. He thought I could do more, so I attempted 110 lbs. I failed this attempt 3 times. But you know what, I wouldn't give up, and he didn't either. So I FUCKING NAILED IT! My overhead squat is at 135 lbs, so I should be able to snatch that. Just need to practice my technique.
Results B: In September, I finished at 5:34 at 65 lbs. Last night, I finished at 3:44 at 75 lbs! Definitely an improvement.
I hauled ass out of the advanced class to get home and shower. Why? No, not cuz "the end of the world" and shit... but because it was my parents' 37th anniversary.
My brother and I took them to dinner at Lawry's in Beverly Hills. And I got to drive my dad's car home. That was a treat.
So even if the world ended today, I'm happy :)


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BTW, I went to a farmers market for the first time on Saturday! The BFF has been wanting to go and we finally had the chance to. So, you know how they sell organic and fresh produce? Yeah... We didn't get any of that. However, we did taste test some fruits and it was friggin bombskies! 

Nutella filled Hawaiian donut. What's up. 

BFF got her flowers and I got my macaroons from Munch Bakery. Turns out her dad and my dad golf together. 
Random question: how far would you drive to buy a couple pairs of pants?
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Shoutout to the BFF for sticking it out with me! 

After four, and I repeat, FOUR hours of searching for pants, the BFF and I met up with Big Bruddah at Gen KBBQ! Best decision of my life!
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