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Lucy: 6 Months

One of my closest and best friends is leaving the US of A to Valencia, Spain. I truly regret not taking more time to hang with her these past 6 months, but life happens. For the next 6 months, she will be pursing her dream in a country full of beauty.

Although I'm sad that she's no longer a drive or a text away, I know she's going to do truly amazing things. It made me realize what I want to do with my life... and I know exactly what I want but I'm too afraid to do it. I hope once the pang of realization hits, I'll be on the right track of pursing my dreams.

Lucy, you got this. By the time you come back, I hope I'm in the process of getting that hippo.


  1. You better get that hippo soon! I'm halfway across the world living in the future so you have to at least try. I made my dream come true, now it's time you made yours become more than a dream....

    1. I'm actually looking into getting that hippo. I finally got my shit together (after being jealous of you, lol... and after my friend and I talked after a work out). Today, after I WOD, I'm going to go on a mini date with one of the people who worked with hippos. So hopefully, this is the first step to getting that big fat purple creature!

    2. Why was I never notified that you had replied? Stupid thing!!!

      Anyways, how did it go? What's the scoop on the hippo?

    3. I thought notifications were always sent out, lol. Well damn, blogspot. Fix yoself.

      And slow, haven't had the time to really inquire on my own. When I met with the hippo trainer, she was just giving me the scoop on what to expect and whatnot, but she started working with hippos about 5-7 years ago... so obviously things have a changed a bit.

      But I plan on researching more this weekend!

  2. Yes, this darn thing did it again. I have to just look for your post and comment. Darn you blogspot! This never happened on Tumblr. lol

    Well, I hope the process moves along so that I can say I have a friend with a hippo soon enough! :)


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