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The callous begins.


My body rejects jump roping.

For Thursday, 6/28/12

Warm Up:
200 rope turns
usual warm up

A1: Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3
A2: Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
(5 rounds of 3 deadlifts, rest for 60 seconds / 5 push press rest, rest for 60 seconds)

B: 7 rounds for time
7 push press 115/75
7 sit ups
7 push ups
7 pull ups

So, yeah... jump rope = jumping = boobs in the face. I'm very top heavy and I always have this fear that if I jump too much I'm going to get bitch slapped in the face. I'm praying to God that these twins shrink when the weight starts coming off, lol. The last time I dropped 25 lbs (damn you YO YO!) my twins dropped 1 cup size and 2 band sizes. Come on 2 cup sizes! Make momma proud.

Results A1: 65 lbs -- Coach D (names and gym will be shortened/omitted for my safety and the safety of the gym/coaches/other WODers) said I should be able to deadlift MY own weight. Well GOD DAMN. That is A LOT to lift lol. I mainly want to get the technique and form down.

Results A2: 55 lbs -- I need to get in the habit of fully …

You're Welcome, America!

So yesterday, I took the day off from the box to run errands with my parents. My dad just likes to shop for what we need, then leave. So that happened, lol. I ended up going back to the mall with my friend Nancy and got myself some clothes and a Michael Kors clutch (follow me on instagram: acerz). Anyways, after some delightful girl bonding with Nancy and tripping 3 times (shopped at Forever 21, H&M, Starbucks run), we headed to Target.
A young caucasian lady stopped us at the entrance and I walked smack dab into Nancy. Poor thing. The young lady, I will name her Alex (I don't know, she looks like an Alex to me)... she asked us if we happen to have any pads or tampons with us. Neither of us did. So we proceeded with our shopping trip, and the guilt I felt inside was just immense. I asked Nancy to go tell Alex that I'm going to buy some pads and give her some. She waited for us by the Starbucks that is conveniently built in to at Target. The lines were long, so I decided …

The Paleo Diet

I am very willing to EASE into the Paleo Diet. I know it's not really a diet, but a lifestyle change. I am one who has difficulty with quitting anything cold turkey. But I am surely going to try this Caveman diet.

I was talking to my cousin about it, and she has informed me that "if you do paleo you'll lose weight fast because your body will target fat for energy. So if you paleo for a month or two, when you eat 'normal' again make sure that you SLOWLY ease into it." And as she accurately puts it:

You think fat cavemen can catch their food?


I could not sleep well last night. I thought exercise was supposed to help you sleep better?!? I was simply too sore and tired to actually sleep. No matter which way I positioned myself, I would wake up in 30 minutes due to soreness.

I was told to consume a protein shake 10 minutes post work out. I was suggested Progenex? Is this suitable for women? I really need to look into it. I need to start taking fish oil, as I was also told that it is an anti-inflammatory.

Any suggestions would help!

Epic Fail

Warm up: 200 rope turns
Typical warm up
A: power clean 1-1-1-1-1
B: 5 rounds each for time
400 m run
20 wall balls 20/14
Rest 1:1
Result A: I didn't really find my max weight. The coach was training me on technique. One thing for sure, my boobs were in the way. I did do about 15 reps of 45 lbs. My coach was joking around and asked, "are you sure you haven't weightlifted before?" EGO BOOSTED. Lol. Result B: 3:30-10:38-17:33-24:18-30-32
I scaled down to an 8" wall ball. I used to play travel softball and we would use a 10 lb ball. My arms were so conditioned for that. I can't wait to be able to be back at that fitness level. I am so disappointed in myself. I really need to get in shape. Especially since I'm doing a couple marathons back to back in less than 5 months! I definitely want to work on my time, endurance, and stamina. I'm so sore and tired. I am going to sleep so well. Goals: run 1.5 miles and not feel like I'm going to die. Af…

Happy Monday

Warm Up
1k jog

A: Back Squat 5-4-3-2-1 Reps
5 Bounding Hurdles 30"/24"
50_ Sprint
5 Bounding Hurdles
15 Toes to Bar
15 KB (Kettle Bell) Swings 70/53
*10 Burpee Penalty if hit hurdle

Results A: 45-65-75-85-95
Results B: 3 Rounds + 5 Bounding Hurdles

It wasn't so bad today, but nonetheless, a good work out.

I scaled the hurdle down to 20"
Instead of Toes to Bar, I just did knees to chest
I scaled the KB weight to 22 lbs I think

I felt good today. I need to learn to grip the bar whilst doing pull ups/toes to bar. It hurts when I'm dangling. My brother (who also does CrossFit, and the one who inspired me to just go for it) said I just need to get used to it.

I already increased some weight for the back squats. I can't wait for more progress! I think I'll WOD tomorrow :)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Warm Up:
200 Rope Turns (jump roping is my enemy)


A: Back Squat 5 x 2

B: "Cindy"
AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible) 20 (minutes)
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

Results A: 35-45-55-65-75
Results B: 11 Rounds by 18 minutes

I was dying. I know they said to keep going until 20 minutes but I couldn't breathe! I got to meet the box's (gym) owner and he was very nice. He approved of my squatting so I don't think I need to worry too much about that.

I scaled my pull ups to jump pull ups (using a box and jumping and pulling myself up)
I scaled my push ups to girl push ups
I did well on the air squats

I still want to kick my own ass for having to scale but I know I can't expect to be at others' levels when I just started.

I didn't do anything but rest from Friday to Sunday. I was THAT dead. It was a good kind of pain though.


This is the picture I took on June 19, 2012 before I went into the box. I was close to tears because I was so damn scared.

Warm Up:
1k jog
Warm up

A: Front Squat 5 x 3
B: 5 Rounds each for time
200m run
5 x 10 Max Effort Unbroken Thrusters 155/115
Rest 1:1

It was my first day so I obviously had to scale it down. Unfortunately, I didn't take record my results. If I can remember correctly:

A: I started off with just a 35 lb bar. I believe I did 35 - 45 - 55
B: 45 - 55 - 65 - 75 - 85

I'm just guessing, lol. The 1k warm up jog itself was killer. Goes to show how out of shape I am. I was wheezing like that fat kid from Little Giants. I was embarrassed at the same time because I didn't realize JUST how out of shape I REALLY was. I'm the competitive type and it killed me knowing how I disappointed myself.

I was told by my coaches that I have a good form for squats. I think I could have handled more weight. I'm pacing myself and easing into it. There was one occasio…