This is the picture I took on June 19, 2012 before I went into the box. I was close to tears because I was so damn scared.

Warm Up:
1k jog
Warm up

A: Front Squat 5 x 3
B: 5 Rounds each for time
200m run
5 x 10 Max Effort Unbroken Thrusters 155/115
Rest 1:1

It was my first day so I obviously had to scale it down. Unfortunately, I didn't take record my results. If I can remember correctly:

A: I started off with just a 35 lb bar. I believe I did 35 - 45 - 55
B: 45 - 55 - 65 - 75 - 85

I'm just guessing, lol. The 1k warm up jog itself was killer. Goes to show how out of shape I am. I was wheezing like that fat kid from Little Giants. I was embarrassed at the same time because I didn't realize JUST how out of shape I REALLY was. I'm the competitive type and it killed me knowing how I disappointed myself.

I was told by my coaches that I have a good form for squats. I think I could have handled more weight. I'm pacing myself and easing into it. There was one occasion when I was pushing my body so hard, that I started to bleed when it wasn't even the time of the month. TMI, but I'm being real here.