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Gimp on a roll.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Warm up: 1k jog and regular warm up (I did 200 rope runs just to take it easy on my knee)

A: Back Squat
1x10 @ 75%
1x8 @ 80%
1x6 @ 85%
1x4 @ 90%
2x2 @ 95%
* Rest 2 minutes between sets

12 pull ups
12 alternating pistol squats
12 hand release (hr) push ups

Results A: 85-95-105-125-135/145
I really need to work on not staying down too long. I need to learn to shoot back up when I'm squatting. Imagine if my knee wasn't a little messed up? I'd probably be doing a little more weight than I have been. Last time I did back squats, I was at 125 lb! Progress :) YAAAASEEEE.

Results B: 4 rounds + 5 pull ups
I was doing jumping pull ups and that's the only thing I scaled down yesterday! I was pleased. My arms are getting stronger and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I can do a strict pull up in the next few months.

I slept with frozen peas on my knee last night and I know you're not supposed to overdo it with icing but I woke up this morning feeling gr…

Gimpy, once again.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Warm up: 200 rope turns and stretching ... I think I strained my knee so I didn't get to complete the entire 200 :( I did focus on more stretching and massaging my knee. Stupid knee.

A: 15 minutes to find 1RM Hang Snatch

B: 5 Rounds
200 m run
25 KB swings (53/35) - Vertical
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

C: bar muscle ups work, or pull ups and ring dips

Results A: When I'm standing straight, my knee hurts, but squatting didn't cause too much pain. I put most of my weight onto my right side (my left knee is the bad knee that I had to go ER for back in the day). I ended up maxing out at 75 lbs. I felt like I could do more so I tried 80 lbs but I just couldn't do it right. Maybe it was my lack of equilibrium.

B: I substituded the run with rowing and did 18 lb KB. I'm upset with myself! I don't know if it's TOM's wrath or what, but I don't know why I was so weak  yesterday. Anyways:


C: I was pulled as…

Like a jerrrk.

Happy Tuesday, y'all. Feeling ugh today. Yesterday, I didn't want to WOD at all. I was so lazy and tired.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Warm up: 200 rope turns and stretching (I was able to do 120 unbroken rope turns! It's a damn accomplishment, don't judge me, lol)

A: 20 minutes to find 1 RM: Clean and Jerk

B: 3 RFT (rounds for time)
400 m run
7 Clean & Jerks at 70% +

Results A: I was really pleased with myself. I was able to hit 100 lbs! I started off with a very low weight to get the technique, I need to remember to stand fully straight when I jerk. When I was doing my first 100 lb x 1 rep, I got stuck mid-jerk and ended up not completing the entire movement. I dropped the weights and decided to do it again, and I was successful :) I'm surprised and pleased. Gotta do more now!

Results B: I really need to run more. The people I train with are runners. I am not a runner. So I'm that chubby kid trailing along the back, lol. On a side note, whilst in crossfit shoes,…

Freakishly Tired Friday.

Thursday, July19, 2012
Warm up: 200 rope turns, stretch
A: 15 minutes to find a 2 rep max: front squat B: 5 rounds for time 400 meter run 15 clean to thruster (cluster) (95/65) Results A: Coach D asked me what my back squat max was the other day, and I told him 125 lb. He said that should be my goal weight. In 15 minutes, I was able to max out at 120 lb! I don't know if I was supposed to work up to it, but I did it! I think if I had a little more time, I would have been able to do 125 lb. We'll see next time! Results B: For the beginners, we had to do 3 rounds instead of 5, and do thrusters only. I had the OK to start with a clean but do the rest of the reps as thrusters. I was so tired. Other than the shooting pain that subsided the other day, the pain crept back on my calf and knee. I finished 3 rounds at 15:53 at 55 lb.
I got home, iced my leg and tried to knock out early. I was too sore and tired to actually sleep early, so I fell asleep at my usual time around 1:30 am. …

Sharp pain at 3 am... what I woke up to. I usually don't wake up in the middle of the night, so I decided to pee. I thought I had a foot cramp, and even massaging it was excruciating. I got up to go pee and nearly fell cuz of the pain. It was the first time I felt "black spots in my vision" ... yes.. FELT.. since I sprained my right ankle in August 2010. I wrapped that motha up and iced it and knocked out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Warm up: 200 rope turns (I actually did 100 in a row for once!) and stretched

A: Back Squat
1 x 10 @ 65%
1 x 8 @ 70%
1 x 6 @ 75%
1 x 4 @ 80%

5 Strict Pull Ups
15 Games Push Ups
30 Jumping Alternating Lunges

Rest 2 Minutes

Bear Crawl Laps

Results A: 85-105-115-125 ... The last time I did this was on 7/12/12 and I was at 110 lb. I felt like I did really well. I'm getting stronger and that's something I'm very excited about. No more feeble Stacy.

Results B: I did jumping pull ups, 1 out of 3 standard games push ups, then went down …

I just want to kick my own ass.

The title says it all.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Warm up: 1k jog, stretching ... the 1k is getting better for me. I definitely need to keep at it.

WOD A: Hang Clean 7 x 1
WOD B: 5 Rounds for time
5 hang cleans
15 burpees
400m run

Results A: Focused mostly on technique... 35-45-55-60-65-75-85. I need to get under the bar faster

Results B: I completed a total of 4 out of the 5 rounds in a little over 20 minutes. I did my hang cleans at 65 lbs, maybe I should have gone lighter. But I'm really disappointed in myself. I was telling myself YEAH I'LL BE ABLE TO FINISH IN 20 MINUTES. But I didn't. I definitely need to run a lot more, especially if I'm going to do the Zombie Run. How ridiculous will I look?

Ugh. Yeah.
Definitely disappointed in myself and it has put me in a bad mood.

Well... today's a new day. Today's WOD looks fun.

CrossFit Games 2012

I was fortunate enough to go to the CrossFit Games for free this weekend! I only went on Saturday, but it was one hell of an experience.

Before it got packed...
My brother, Steven and I ... I wish the person took a picture of the gigantic kettle bell.

Got my first pair of Reebok Nano 2.0 :) I had to get a half size bigger, but it still fits well. It's apparent that I got the black CF shirt with the bones to match my tokidoki tattoo, lol.

After being surrounded by people who are passionate about crossfit and the athlete's I've seen, I definitely feel even more motivated to get my shit together. The energy... the community... the goals. It was great. Having the crowd cheer for that one last competitor struggling, and being a part of it... just an awesome experience. I'm glad that Steven took me. I would definitely go again especially if it's at The Home Depot Center again... it is next to my alma mater anyway, lol :p

Fridizzle fo drizzle.

Friday. It is. And it was drizzling all morning. The hell? It's summer, for Pete's sake. It started raining a little yesterday when I was at the gym.
Thursday, 7/12/12
Warm up: 200 rope turns (which I'm starting to get better at, except I keep whipping myself on the back of my neck, lol) and stretching
A: Front Squat 1x10 @ 60% 1x8 @ 70% 1x6 @ 75% 1x4 @ 80%
B: 10 minutes to find 1 RM: Ground to Overhead
C: 5 Rounds for time Run 400m Rest 90 seconds
Results A: I was told to do 4 sets of 5. 55-65-75-85 I ended up doing one more set because since both coaches approved of my squats, Coach D encouraged that I put more weight. So I ended up doing one more set at 95 lbs. The other coach whose name I have yet to learn made me laugh because he mentioned my "face of determination", thus resulting me squatting down and LOL-ing while Coach D was yelling at me to shoot back up. I did my 5 reps and I felt good. I should've done more. Baby steps = progress!
Results B…

Slept like a baby.

If you read my post yesterday, I made the mistake of partying on a Monday night. Yesterday, all day at work I was tired and cranky and just not feeling well. I ended up having a tuna salad from Eatalian. It was yummy! Although... I did discover that I'm allergic to cucumbers. So I had to take Benadryl. By 2:30, I was nearly on the verge of passing out on my desk. My homie, Michael, is one of the people I like to CrossFit with, and he was encouraging me to go, but I just FELT. LIKE. COMPLETE. SHIT. So, I come home at 4, text him to call me at 5:50 so I can go. I napped like a hardcore bamf. Woke up with acid reflux. He calls at 5:57 and I scurry to get myself together and was on my way.

The hardest part is getting there, fo sho.

Tuesday, 7/10/12

Warm Up: 200 rope turns and stretching

A: Back Squat with 2 minute rest between sets
1 set x 10 reps @ 60%
1 x 8 @ 65%
1 x 6 @ 70%
1 x 4 @ 75%

B: 3 rounds for max reps
1 min max effort shoulder press 95# men/65# women
Rest 1 min
1 min max …

You think you're tough?

Monday, 7/9/12

Warm up: 1k jog and usual stretching ... I felt pretty okay after the jog... I didn't feel as winded.

A: 15 minutes to find 1 rep max : power clean

B: 5 rounds for time:
3 power cleans 185lbs
12 games standard push-ups
15 pull ups

Results A: For some reason, I was having the worst trouble with my form yesterday and it was pissing me off. I think I was overthinking on what I'm doing (thus, slow movement/transition). I haven't felt that frustrated in a while. It's definitely something I want to work on. I maxed out at 90 lbs.

Results B: I lowered my weight to 85 lbs, you know, just 100 lbs less than Rx, lol. Once I got the rhythm of doing the power cleans, I felt my form get better. Not by much, I mean, at least I didn't hurt myself, right? lol. For the first 3 rounds for the games standards push ups, I did regular push ups. By the 4th round, I scaled down to my knees. By my 5th round, I did half regular, and half to my knees. I felt pleased about th…

Sleep is for the WEAK!

Thursday, July 5, 2012 WOD

Warm up: 200 rope turns and usual warm up

A: 15 minutes to find 1 RM: Power Snatch

3 Power Snatches
6 Bar Facing Burpees
9 Toes to Bar

I am so glad we didn't have to run yesterday. I definitely wasn't in the mood to run, lol. So my friend, Michael, and I showed up, feeling lazy as hell. I walked up to his car and low and behold... we are MATCHING. We both UNINTENTALLY wore our LMFAO shirts from the show in early June. Horrible.

Results A: 45 lbs ... Coach D was really helping us on technique. Needless the say, the inevitable happened. Whilst keeping the bar close to my body, yes, yes, I hit le boob. Yesterday was a true awakening as to how far these bad boys stick out. Maybe I need to start doubling up on sports bras again.

Results B: I stayed at 45 lbs for the snatches and did toes to gut, or whatever they call it. I don't know what the correct terminology is for that one, lol. Anyways, it was one hell of a work out. I managed to get…


July 3rd WOD:

Warm up: 200 rope turns, typical warm up

A: Snatch Grip Deadlift  2-2-2-2-2

B: For Time:
400m run
20 burpees
Rest 2 min
400m run
15 burpees
Rest 1:30 min
400m run
10 burpees
Rest 1 min

C: 3 min. max effort of double unders

Results A: 65-75-85-95-105 ... my last set really was pushing it. At least I made it over 100 lbs! I'm really particular about my form and I'd rather perform at lower weights than hurt myself. Lol. I definitely need to pay attention to what weight I'm putting on. I have the tendency to miscount. Yes, I'm Asian. No, I cannot do basic arithmetic :p

Results B: 3:55 - 10:01 - 15:18
I really hate running. Although I felt like I was going to die, I can already feel the difference. I think this is my 5th or 6th WOD and I'm already feeling better. I now understand why many hate burpees. It doesn't help that before I even warmed up, I decided to try doing Double Unders (DU) I felt my bad ankle pop (the one I sprained, and I didn't …

Keep Going.

I really was against going to CF today. I was content lying down like a lazy ass watching Blast from the Past. You know what actually got me up and going? Yup, my brother. It's his 28th birthday today! Just in case you're not following me on Facebook or Instagram, these are what I posted today...

I mentioned that he is the one I look up to the most... he's honest and challenges me daily. After he read that...

Yeah, no, lol. Anyways here's the workout for today...

Warm up: 1k run + normal warm up *** I already feel like my 1k warm up jog is improving! I seriously can't believe it. I hate running and I'm pretty fat to enjoy running, lol.

A: Front Squat 5-4-3-2-1
B: 21-15-9 reps of:
Overhead lunge 55/35
Chest to bar pull-ups
plate burpees

Results A: 55-65-75-85-95 (2x), pushed it and did 100 flat. I was observing one of the other girls and her max is at 195! That definitely made me at least push it to 100 lbs lol. I really want to improve and be able to have the s…

Hello, 80% Paleo World.

I must say I had a very good weekend. On Friday, I had a girls night out and naturally, like the females in Amurrrrica, we saw Magic Mike. Not too big on the plot, but the stripping and dancing definitely got my antsy in my pantsy. JK. Sort of. I spent the weekend with le boyfriend; this is probably the last weekend he'll have off for a long while. Congratuations to him on his new job! Today, my brother turns 28. Happy Birthday!
Anyways, back to Magic Mike. Those men are freaking ripped. UNF. Just look at their bodies! Okay yeah, they may have personal trainers and are on super strict diets to attain all o' dat, but DAYUM. I would love to have a body that someone would envy, lol. As I've mentioned in a previous post, I have taken unhealthy methods of quick weight loss. To be honest, I do have that personality and mentality of desperation of losing weight quickly. And c'mon, if you know me, you've seen me yo-yo at least twice.
I really want to do things the right…