Fridizzle fo drizzle.

Friday. It is. And it was drizzling all morning. The hell? It's summer, for Pete's sake. It started raining a little yesterday when I was at the gym.

Thursday, 7/12/12

Warm up: 200 rope turns (which I'm starting to get better at, except I keep whipping myself on the back of my neck, lol) and stretching


A: Front Squat
1x10 @ 60%
1x8 @ 70%
1x6 @ 75%
1x4 @ 80%

B: 10 minutes to find 1 RM: Ground to Overhead

C: 5 Rounds for time
Run 400m
Rest 90 seconds

Results A: I was told to do 4 sets of 5. 55-65-75-85
I ended up doing one more set because since both coaches approved of my squats, Coach D encouraged that I put more weight. So I ended up doing one more set at 95 lbs. The other coach whose name I have yet to learn made me laugh because he mentioned my "face of determination", thus resulting me squatting down and LOL-ing while Coach D was yelling at me to shoot back up. I did my 5 reps and I felt good. I should've done more. Baby steps = progress!

Results B: Since I'm still a beginner, Coach D instructed that I skip B :(

Results C: It started to rain and wanted the beginners to do at least 3 sets of 500m rowing. If I felt good after the 3, then I was encouraged to do a total of 5 sets, with 90 seconds rest in between. I wasn't really keeping exact track of time but I did about 5 sets in 2:30. So I averaged out to about 18:30.

As my usual Thursday ritual, I went to visit Nancy at work. Bought some new sandals. Came home and Steven showed me how to prepare and cook the bacon wrapped asparagus. Simple, lol.

Came to work feeling like a hot bitch.

Ate my delicious home-made food. I also made my version of deviled eggs... SO not paleo, lol. It has light mayo and salt mixed in the yolk, topped off with paprika. YUM!

Yesterday, I bought two shirts from my gym and I hope to wear it tomorrow at the CrossFit Games! Maybe I'll see you there! Feel free to email me, so maybe we can meet up :)