Gimp on a roll.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Warm up: 1k jog and regular warm up (I did 200 rope runs just to take it easy on my knee)

A: Back Squat
1x10 @ 75%
1x8 @ 80%
1x6 @ 85%
1x4 @ 90%
2x2 @ 95%
* Rest 2 minutes between sets

12 pull ups
12 alternating pistol squats
12 hand release (hr) push ups

Results A: 85-95-105-125-135/145
I really need to work on not staying down too long. I need to learn to shoot back up when I'm squatting. Imagine if my knee wasn't a little messed up? I'd probably be doing a little more weight than I have been. Last time I did back squats, I was at 125 lb! Progress :) YAAAASEEEE.

Results B: 4 rounds + 5 pull ups
I was doing jumping pull ups and that's the only thing I scaled down yesterday! I was pleased. My arms are getting stronger and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I can do a strict pull up in the next few months.

I slept with frozen peas on my knee last night and I know you're not supposed to overdo it with icing but I woke up this morning feeling great! We will see later... I still haven't decided if I'm going to WOD today since today's my only day to see Dan. I want him to WOD with me! lol.