Baby come baaack.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Warm up: 1k jog and stretch ... I was surprised at my warm up. I wasn't wheezing like I expected considering I didn't do any running last week due to my knee.

A: Back Squat
1x3 @ 90%
1x1 @ 100%
1x1 @ 105%
1x1 @ 110%
1x1 @ 105%

% based of 3RM or 90% of your 1RM

B: For time:
4 handstand push up (hspu)
12 power cleans 155/105
8 hspu
8 power cleans
12 hspu
4 power cleans

150 double unders

Results A: 85-105-115-135-155 and finally 175 max yesterday ...
I still haven't found my 1RM so I couldn't really calculate anything. I think I could do more than 175 lbs, I'm still having shoulder pain when I re-rack and the pressure is off my shoulder.

Results B: 7:40 at 65 lbs and 300 single turns. After the back squats, my shoulder was definitely feeling funny. I could have done more weight for the power cleans but I'm really trying to be conscious of my body.

Slowly, but surely, my body's coming back from all this pain. I know soreness is typical, but the excruciating shoulder pain from last week...  ugh.

Salonpas FTW.


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