I like to throw bars, not punches.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Warm up: 1k row and stretch

I was forever alone again today.

A: 3 rounds max reps
Hand stand push ups
Strict pull ups

B: For time
9 thrusters 135/95
50 double unders
7 thrusters
50 du
5 thrusters
50 du

Results A: I haven't done a HSPU yet, so Coach D had me do a handstand until I can't anymore and did 5 reps of negative pull ups. After my three rounds, he had me slowly lower myself down whilst in handstand position. I was too scared to go down to one ab mat, so I stacked another and was able to do that, lol.

Results B: 7:36 at 65 lbs with 100 single unders with some double unders thrown in there. I was supposed to do 300 single turns but since I've been feeling sickly lately, Coach D had me do 100 single turns with double unders attempts

I'm enjoying my solo work outs. It helps me focus. I was super upset yesterday and while I was doing thrusters, I ended up throwing the bar down when I was done. Good thing no one was around, lol.

I gathered the courage to show my coach my current progress picture. Embarrassing. But on the flip side, he did say that he would like me to take another picture (maybe not with that much skin showing) in 3 months and perhaps write my own crossfit success story to be published on my gym's website. I think I have a lot to say, lol.

Still feeling shitty, but it's Friday. I'm going to try to WOD right after work so I can go see Nancy and her sister WOD at 7.

I hope I finally recover this weekend.