OHS: Oh, holy shit.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Warm up: 200 rope turns and stretching

A: Hang Snatch 7 x 2
A for beginners: overhead squats 7x2

B: 7 rounds for time
7 overhead squats 95/65
10 bar facing burpees

B for beginners: 5 rounds for time
7 overhead squats
10 burpees

Results A: I managed to max out at 85 lbs. I definitely need to work on a wider grip and really activating my shoulders. I kept wobbling, but once I "pulled the bar apart" I was starting to stabilize. I did 2-3 sets at 85 lbs.

Results B: I think I overdid it in A. I ended up doing OHS at 60 lbs, just 5, FIVE pounds below Rx :( I'm so disappointed with myself. I finished at 8:52.

After the WOD, I changed quickly and headed out. Dan came to hang out while I exercised. Yesterday was our only date night for the whole week, maybe including next week too, lol.

We ended up going to Slaters 50/50 in Huntington Beach and I couldn't bring myself to eat. I was already full from my recovery shake but I managed to nibble on my food. We came home and just watched Step Brothers and went on Tumblr, only to find a baby goat kicking over another goat. Enjoy and chuckle as you will.