My apologies for not posting my WOD results from Friday 8/10/12...

Warm up: 1k jog and stretching ... turns out I was the ONLY person taking the 7 pm class, so I ended up rowing 1k in 4:33.

A: Powerlifting Total
3 attempts at 1 RM
(Back) Squat

B: "Annie"
50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Double unders
sit ups

When I actually got to the class, they omitted "Annie" because part A takes up most of the class. When I was just starting, one of the avid crossfitters was doing Annie and all I'm thinking is, "you're a fucking beast." lol.

Results A:
Squat: 135-155-185
Bench: 65-70-80 (I could have done more weight but my shoulder was hurting still)
Deadlift: 135-155-195
TOTAL: 460#

I was still very sore from Wednesday's WOD. Although I get nervous with one-on-one work outs, I'm glad I did on Friday because Coach P and I got to talk a little more. It was nice.

After WODing, I went to visit Nancy at work and headed back home to wait for my other good friend, Lucy, to come over. Nancy, her sister Ana, Lucy and I went to In & Out for a late dinner. Fun.

Saturday, I spent the whole day at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and let me tell you, WODing in the heat and crossfitting for only a month has really helped me. I used to die and struggle at Six Flags because of the heat and exhaustion, but I lasted all day :) I'm so happy with myself. I slept all day yesterday and today... my voice is gone. I sound like a smoker. Ew.