Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Warm up: 1k run and ero warm up

Beginners A: Overhead Squat 5 x 3

Advanced A: Overhead Squat 7 x 1

Beginners B: "Jeremy"
15-12-9 Reps
Overhead Squat

Advanced B: "Jeremy"
Overhead Squat 95/65

Results A:  I did my WOD a little differently yesterday. Instead of doing 5 x 3 or 7 x 1, Coach D wanted me to push harder to try to find my 1 rep max.
55-65-75- 95 x 3 - 115
At 115, I was having trouble stabilizing. My first attempt, Coach D scared me (I don't know, I was out of it yesterday) and wanted to adjust my hand placement. I failed the first attempt. During the second attempt, I checked everything -- my feet, the placement of the bar on my back, my hands (making sure they're even on both sides). Suddenly, I heard silence. I turned around to look at what's going on, and people are staring. The only thing I thought to say was, "omg you all are judging me." LOL, I'm a wee tod. Anyhoo, I pushed it over my head, and tried to push my arms and pull the bar apart to stabilize. I lack shoulder strength and flexibility. But! I did get it the overhead squat! Needless to say with all the wiggling and whatnot, I dropped the bar and couldn't re-rack. At least I got that PR!

Results B: I went ahead and did the Advanced met-con. When I was setting up for it, I passed by Coach D and thanked him for pushing me. I think I underestimate myself especially when I'm feeling weak. I did the WOD at 65 lbs as per Coach D's suggestion. My time was 6:54 Rx (prescribed). During the WOD, I felt my heels go up, thus making me move forward. And my lack of shoulder strength deterred me from going unbroken. But having the coaches around keeping an eye and encouraging me helped a lot. By the end of the WOD, I went outside and just flopped on my back.

As a bonus, Coach P had us do 100 abmat sit ups. And my dear friend, Cecilia, go the worst calf cramp of life. Only her, during situps. LOL. She's good though. She's progressing really well. Proud of that ho <3

My body is so sore this week.  Last night, I decided to practice hand stand push ups, and while I grabbed the abmat at home, I ended up getting the worst cramp on my side. I still practiced. I landed on my head hard, yeah. Bad. LOL. But I kipped up a little to help and I got it!

Tonight's WOD is going to kick my ass.

BTW, I almost died yesterday. My dumbass decided to drink 4 capsules of fish oil, just because they were stuck together. So I swallowed it. It got stuck, and I got scared. I tried to flex open my throat to see if I can breathe, and when I did, I pounded my water so fast and hard it finally cleared my throat. That was scary. Phlegm arised, cold sweats happened... NO BUENO.