Seriously, WTF.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Warm up: 1k jog and stretch

A: Push Press 5x5

B: 3 rounds for time
400m run
30 wall ball shots
15 toes to bar

Results A: My good friend Cecilia has become part of the crossfit family :) Coach D had me pair up with her during the first part of the WOD so I did some low weight. I was already lazy and I think using light weight made me lazier. Ugh. I ended up doing 45-50-55-60-65. Cecilia did really well and she'll be strong in no time!

Results B: ...this was just brutal. I tried finding a 10-12 lb medicine ball. My brother wanted me to do 14 but I just did not have the drive or energy yesterday. My time was 15:45 and I used a 8 lb ball (don't judge me) and knees to air (my gut still gets in the way of my knees getting to my elbows, lol).

I'm really disappointed in myself. I ate like crap this weekend. This is what I had:

Friday: Went to Eatalian and had Rock pizza and Linguini con Pesto -- FAIL
Saturday: Went to Rinaldi's and had the Fat Boy... and a Fat Boy I was, lol -- FAIL
Sunday: Went to L&L and had spam musubi -- FAIL
Monday: Went to Pho Consomme and had rare steak pho with a side of Thai Iced Tea... in the evening, I had Red Devil Pizza -- ULTRA MEGA FAIL

I knew I was going to eat a lot this past weekend and I definitely felt it yesterday during my WOD. I'm very disappointed because I KNEW exactly what I was putting into my body and I had already felt like crap yesterday morning.

Time to eat cleaner again. I hope I don't FAIL like this weekend this bad ever again.