A Whole New World.

...a dazzling place I never knew!

I'm obviously in a Disney/Aladdin mood. If you can get me that DVD, I'll buy you KBBQ :D

On Monday, my gym was closed, so I dropped in at my brother's gym.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Warm up: I was definitely shy, and I wasn't used to their structure. I wasn't sure when to start the warm up, lol.
2 minute squat hold
25 walking lunges
20 scorpions
15 jumping pull ups

A: Back Squat 5 x 5 @ 80%

B: 3 RFT
21 burpee/wall ball (20/14)
15 pull ups

Results A: I'm still trying to find my 1RM, so I did it at 173 lbs. It was a challenge, but I was told I have a good squat form :)

Results B: I used the prescribed wall ball weight, and used a band to do kipping pull ups. My time was 11:57. Those burpee/wall balls are hard! But I felt I got a good work out.

I was supposed to WOD with my brother, but he had gotten off work late. It was a nice change going to his gym, they're all friendly and goofy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Warm Up:
25 foot bear crawls
25 foot sampson stretch
10 push ups
25 foot sampson stretch
25 foot bear crawls
..."smile!" LOL. Yes, that was written on the whiteboard.

A: Push Press 7 x 1

20 push press 115/85
12 toes to bar
14 box jumps 24"/20"

Results A: 65-75-85-95-105-110-120 PR
I need to practice using more of my shoulder muscles than my clavicles lol. I need to remember to think of it as a front squat position. I attempted my PR 3 times because I kept jerking it than pushing it up. By the 3rd time, all you hear me scream is "DID I DO IT?! DID I DO IT?!" And Coach D was all YEAH! *high five* lol

Results B: I did the push press at 75 lbs, knees to chest, and 20" box jumps
4 rounds + 12 knees to chest + 4 box jumps
Middle of the 2nd round, I got my first box jump injury! It was just a bad bang, and when I fell on the box, the guys around me were all ARE YOU OK? Of course I'm okay! My ego is just hurt, LOL. I did the best I can, but when I got home, that sucker got swollen.

Today... clean & jerks. and running. GAH.

On a brighter note, I'll be WODing earlier today and I'm going to pick up a pair of Reebok OLY shoes :) I mean, they're expensive, but I have to start somewhere. And it may be good for the barbell seminar I will be attending this Sunday!