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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Warm up: 1k run and ero warm up
I decided to go the the All Levels class. One of the guys that I started out with usually goes to the 5pm or 6 pm classes and he had gotten out of practice (he's in high school) and wanted to run slow. So I volunteered. He still runs fast for his slow pace LOL. He'll thank me later.

A: Deadlift 5 x 1

B: 21-15-9
Deadlift 225/155
Wall balls 20/14

C: Max effort double unders

Results A: 185-225-255-275-275
I PRed twice last night. I hit 255 lbs and 275 lbs. I think the weight is fine, I'm just not used to the weight on my upper body. I was very conscious of my form and didn't injure my back. Although I did feel some rounding doing the lighter weights.

Results B: 9:16 Rx! I believe this is the 2nd time I went prescribed. It was definitely a challenge. I would stop and correct my form every time I felt I rounded my back. Coach D was on point with me last night and I appreciated it. I feel like I'm progressing.

Results C: 2 double unders in a row! YEAH BABY. Okay yeah no. But I'm trying!

After the WOD, we had some extra time left over to work on mobility. ALL THAT STRETCHING. AAAMG.

A funny thing happened during the strength portion. All I heard was a really loud sneeze. So I yelled out "bless you!" Coach E started LOLing and I had no idea why she was. She told me that one of the dudes was deadlifting and that was his sound. So all I could think of was, "Woops sorry! I bless you anyway!" Good job, Stacy... good job. I know I've used this image before but it's appropriate.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I'm glad I finished strong this week to make up for Monday's FAIL!


Popular posts from this blog about that comfort zone

So, for the past year and a half, I have made it a point to do things to get out of my comfort zone. Even if it's as minuscule as going to farmers market. 
BTW, I went to a farmers market for the first time on Saturday! The BFF has been wanting to go and we finally had the chance to. So, you know how they sell organic and fresh produce? Yeah... We didn't get any of that. However, we did taste test some fruits and it was friggin bombskies! 

Nutella filled Hawaiian donut. What's up. 

BFF got her flowers and I got my macaroons from Munch Bakery. Turns out her dad and my dad golf together. 
Random question: how far would you drive to buy a couple pairs of pants?
To answer that for myself... 80 miles round trip... And the pants weren't even for me, lol. 
Shoutout to the BFF for sticking it out with me! 

After four, and I repeat, FOUR hours of searching for pants, the BFF and I met up with Big Bruddah at Gen KBBQ! Best decision of my life!
Another comfort-zone-breaker... I …

Skee TV: Fort Minor

So let me tell you. I've never won anything... EVER. During my Monday mini break, I was on instagram and saw that Skee TV was having a giveaway. Pretty much just comment on that picture of Mike Shinoda/Fort Minor and that's my entry. 
Skee TV added me on instagram, and commented on one of my pictures (Rawle D. Lewis) saying I was chosen! I emailed them and boom. I got my tickets. 
I followed Fort Minor since Mike Shinoda created it and man, it was AWESOME. And I can knock it off my bucket list - going to a rap/hip hop show. Also got a glimpse of Mr. Hahn!
I don't care what you say. I'm happy AF. 

Since I won, the Skee TV rep hooked it up with some merchandise. Mike Shinoda signed the snapback. I fangirled so hard.

After the show, we managed to head to Guisados and got some mafuggin tacos.

PS. Add me on instagram! My username is acerz <3