I said what what...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Warm up: 1k run and ero warm up
I decided to go the the All Levels class. One of the guys that I started out with usually goes to the 5pm or 6 pm classes and he had gotten out of practice (he's in high school) and wanted to run slow. So I volunteered. He still runs fast for his slow pace LOL. He'll thank me later.

A: Deadlift 5 x 1

B: 21-15-9
Deadlift 225/155
Wall balls 20/14

C: Max effort double unders

Results A: 185-225-255-275-275
I PRed twice last night. I hit 255 lbs and 275 lbs. I think the weight is fine, I'm just not used to the weight on my upper body. I was very conscious of my form and didn't injure my back. Although I did feel some rounding doing the lighter weights.

Results B: 9:16 Rx! I believe this is the 2nd time I went prescribed. It was definitely a challenge. I would stop and correct my form every time I felt I rounded my back. Coach D was on point with me last night and I appreciated it. I feel like I'm progressing.

Results C: 2 double unders in a row! YEAH BABY. Okay yeah no. But I'm trying!

After the WOD, we had some extra time left over to work on mobility. ALL THAT STRETCHING. AAAMG.

A funny thing happened during the strength portion. All I heard was a really loud sneeze. So I yelled out "bless you!" Coach E started LOLing and I had no idea why she was. She told me that one of the dudes was deadlifting and that was his sound. So all I could think of was, "Woops sorry! I bless you anyway!" Good job, Stacy... good job. I know I've used this image before but it's appropriate.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I'm glad I finished strong this week to make up for Monday's FAIL!