"Perfect practice makes perfect."

Just a brief athletic history... Starting at the age of 11, I became interested in sports. Yep, I ditched my piano and the chessboard to basketball. By the time I was 13, I was playing not only basketball, but flag football, volleyball and softball. I got into one hell of an emotional pickle with my peers at the time... unnecessary drama. If you know me, I'm a bit on the pessimistic side and I think that time in my life was one of the main reasons why I am the way I am today.

Anyways, a good friend of mine introducted me to the legendary... Coach Jim. He was my softball coach for the next 4 years. So pretty much from 8th grade to Junior Year of high school, I filled my time and energy with travel softball. I did play softball for my high school as a sophomore, but damn. Talk about DRAMA. I decided that wasn't for me and stuck with travel/club.

Coach Jim has taught me a lot over the years and there are two things that really stand out to me to this day:
Believe in yourself, baby.
Anyone can practice and still not be perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect.
Yes. Although I still struggle with myself, I'm learning to believe in myself more. My current crossfit coach, Coach D is helping me with that. He's been a great coach ever since the beginning. The reason why I bring up this "perfect practice makes perfect" is because as I've mentioned in my previous post (I still need to post pics from this weekend), I attended a women's only barbell seminar. Yesterday's WOD had a lot of hang cleans/power cleans, which was a good WOD to see what I've learned. And according to Coach D, I'm getting better. I think so too, considering I only got ONE bruise on my clavicle this time! LOL.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Warm up: 1k jog and ero warm up

A: Back Squat 7 x 1
Beginner A: 5 x 3

4 hand stand push ups
8 kettle bell swings 70/53
12 ghd or abmat situps

Beginner B: AMRAP 12
10 hand release push ups
10 kettle bell swings
14 situps

Results A: I did the regular class's strengthening portion. I PRed at 215 lbs! I think I could have done more, but at the time I thought I was done.

Results Beginner B: 7 rounds + 10 hand release push ups + 10 kettle bell swings (35 lbs) + 13 sit ups ... ALL I NEEDED WAS ONE MORE DAMN SIT UP!! I hauled it the last 30 seconds. Bummer.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Warm up: 200 rope turns and ero warm up

A: Hang clean 7 x 2
Beginner A: Power clean 7 x 1

B: "Elizabeth"
Clean 135/95
Ring dips

Beginner B: "Power Elizabeth"
Power clean
Ring dips

Results A: I was really trying to practice what I've learned at the seminar (the breathing, the shoulders in line with the bar, pushing hips forward, etc)....65-75-80-85-90-100-110 PR

Results B: Honestly, I don't know which I did, all I know is that I was trying to clean properly. I THINK I caught most of my cleans below parallel... So for the sake of blogging, I did "Elizabeth" ... I finished 13:37 at 75 lbs and using an orange band. I'm disappointed with my time, but I keep telling myself that I'm trying to perfect my cleans. MEH.

So, I gotta keep going at it and not giving up. I'm so motivated to get shit done!

Today... Power snatches, strict presses and a lot of burpees....