Dem Date Nightz.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Warm Up: 1k run and Ero warm up

A: Front Squat 7 x 3
*5 second  pause on the last rep within the set

5 reps any way ground to overhead
10 hand release push ups
15 back extensions

Results A: 95-115-125-130-135-140-145

Results B: I did push presses and good mornings
8 rounds + 3 push presses

It was the only day of the week where Dan can see me so we spent our time at the gym, lol. Poor guy. He's so supportive of this, especially since I love it...

Nancy's sister came and also Nancy's and my (old) co-worker. Ana (the sister) loved it and I think she'll be joining soon. The co-worker Heidi, not so much. But you know, crossfit isn't for everyone!

Anyways, for the metcon, it was only me and this other guy doing it. I like WODing with him cuz he's such a beast. LOL.

After the WOD, Dan and I headed out to eat clean. Yup. KBBQ! But all I had was brisket and veggies.