Monday, November 12, 2012

Warm up: 200 rope turns and Ero warm up

A: Power snatch + overhead squat 7 x 1

B: For time:
15 power snatch 135/95
30 box jumps 24"/20"
10 power snatch
20 box jumps
5 power snatch
10 box jumps

Results A: I knew I needed to work on my form so adding weight wasn't really a big deal for me. But I did anyway! I PRed at 100 lbs (power snatch)! I attempted 105 lbs but I failed. My overhead squat is at 115 lbs, so I'm sure I could have done it again, but doing this complex was hard.

Results B: 75 lbs / 20"
I ended up dying finishing by 8:41

I really want to get better at all my lifts, but agh, I think I'm getting impatient. I definitely need to hit up one of the open gym days to work on it.

Sorry for the short post... but check out: