Thrust HARDER!

You are a perv.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Warm up: 1k jog and Ero warm up

I attended the beginner class but decided to do the regular class.

A: 20 minutes of gymnastics practice

B: For time:
15 thrusters 115/75
200m run
10 thrusters
200m run
5 thrusters
200m run

Results A: I practiced my kipping pull ups. I think I have the strength, but I need to get the kipping motion down.

Results B: 5:01 Rx :)
I think I was an advantage because I didn't work on the push press (beginner's WOD). However, I was tired from all the kipping pull ups. But I'm proud of my metcon time. My brother guessed that I completed in 8-9 minutes. WOOP WOOP. It still burned like a bitch.

To finish the work out, we had to do 3 x 20 abmat sit ups. I want abzzzz.

I think I need this shirt...