Crossfit ALL DAY.

On Saturday, December 1, 2012... after our morning WOD, Cecilia and I went to Original Pancake House and grubbed like there was no tomorrow. She had the corn beef hash, and I had the eggs Benedict with a side of bacon strips and pancakes. We also shared the huge ass apple pancakes. FAILEO.

After a delicious and over-filling breakfast, we headed over to my brother's gym and checked out their event, Snatches for Staches. It's a fundraiser/competition to raise money for Cancer Awareness. It was pretty cool.

We were on our way home when I saw on Facebook that one of the guys that was coaching/training at Crossfit Ero opened up his own gym. So we headed to the grand opening and said our hellos!

I've always wanted to be rolled around in a tire. So that's exactly what I did.

After a very long day of crossfit, I had to get ready for my hott date with Nancy :) She started feeling better. We ended up going to Del Amo to shop. We were looking for an outfit for me for Ero's holiday party this coming Saturday. That was a major fail, but we did make our shirts for Steven's NLI competition! Pictures will be posted after the competition. It's supposed to be a surprise.


After goofing around a bit, we had dinner at BJ's Restaurant. Talk about grubbage. And failage. Some girl dropped her drink all over Nancy, the server took almost 40 minutes to bring out 1 pizookie. Just... bah. At least the ribeye steak and veggies were absolutely delicious :)