Thursday, December 6, 2012
Warm Up: 1k jog and Ero warm up
A: Front Squat 7 x 3
In between each set, perform 5 pull ups
B: 3 Rounds for time
30 walking lunges
15 toes to bar
400m run
A: I did my 3 rep max at 150 lbs. I should have been able to do more weight but I was simply tired. Yesterday was my 7th WOD day in a row. Total mistake. I need to let my body rest. I woke up feeling like a truck hit me.
B: For toes to bar, I did knees to elbows/chest. My time was 11:46.  So much running yesterday. After the WOD, I just kind of sat there and stared because my pain was just increasing.
After chillin for about 20 minutes, Cecilia and I went to Del Amo so I could finish some Christmas shopping. We ended up at Forever 21 goofing around (pictured below), hit up H&M and Gap. Finally, we had another feast at Stacked.
I had a shitty day yesterday because of some stupid realizations. And I think my anger showed in my WOD. Not that I did great, but I was just... BAH.
However, after bitching to Cecilia most of the time we were together, I can't stay mad that long. Damn all this working out. All my happy hormones are preventing me from wanting to stay mad. LOL.
Today, I promised to rest, so that way I can WOD tomorrow morning with Nancy. Plus, it's Ero's Holiday Party tomorrow night. Gotta be ready for that food and alcohol throwdown :)