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Happy Birthday Marilyn!

Happy fucking Birthday to one of my cousins and best friends, Marilyn (the co-owner of Cuhh-linary Adventures!)! My life would be miserable without her! <3


Ever since the holidays, I fell off the paleo wagon HARD. I know I've mentioned this before, but now I'm really seeing the differences from being paleo, to... not. As a matter of fact, the following has gotten worse since pre-paleo, to full paleo, to 80% paleo, to the shitter.
Allergies: I would normally get my eye allergies and sneezies out in the morning by 8:00 am. While I was doing the challenge, my allergies were practically non-existent. Now, my allergies last almost all day, and I thought I was getting sick, but no... just allergies. All day, all the time.Sleep: I would sleep maybe 4-5 hours a night, waking up maybe twice at the most. While on the challenge, by the 2nd week, I slept through the whole night, PLUS felt great in the morning, not the typical sluggish crap... and by the time I got home from work and WODing, I still had energy to pull together a full meal to eat for dinner AND meals for the next couple days. As of late, I get maybe 5-6 hours of sleep a night, …

Rest is for the...

...wickedly broken.

I'm still pretty peeved that I can't WOD to my fullest potential. I've been stretching my hand/thumb and it just feels BLAH.

On Monday, January 14, 2013, of course the WOD was all snatches. I say this every time, but I love snatches. Instead of the WOD the rest of my fellow crossfitters partook in, I did this:

A: Find 1RM for Reverse Row

B: For time:
30 wall ball shots
15 negative pull ups
30 wall ball shots
12 negative pull ups
30 wall ball shots
9 negative pull ups

C: 3 x 25 abs of your choice

Results A: 130 lbs ... I need to practice working on keeping my chest down and not rounding my back.

B: I used an 8# ball, making sure not to catch it too hard on my left hand. I added 40 jumping squats after I finished, making my time at 10:13

C: I just used the abmat and got my abs going

Yesterday, January 15, 2013...

A: Back Squat 9 x 2 (last 4 sets should be at 85% of 1RM)

B: 4 rounds:
Max reps push press (I did a Spear type movement, which I like to call …

Girls, girls, girls.

Chela, Rosie, Leslie, Lucy Me I have been lagging with updates on my WODs, sorry I'm not sorry, lol. I've been pretty upset with myself because I can't lift overhead or even hook grip without having my thumb/wrist hurt. At least I can finally pinpoint where my pain is EXACTLY. If I hold on to the bar in front rack position without hooking my thumb around it, I can put weight on there, but once I loop my thumb around, BOOM. I've been stretching like hell. Anyways, I started off on Saturday, January 12, 2013 with a morning WOD. Warm up: Cali and Ero warm up A: Back Squat 5 x 5 B: 5 Rounds for Time 400m run 15 back squats 135/95 10 toes to bar Results A: 175 lbs... I hope to get a badonk soon, cuz all I've been doing are squats. Results B: 25:43 Rx :) About time I did a WOD to help my ego! Although while I was doing the toes to bar during hte 4th round, towards the end I started feeling the fatigue but I pushed through it anyway. I just gotta remember to keep stretc…

Holiday Hiatus

So like, sorry for the lack of updates. I didn't realize that I was actually going to be busy these past few weeks. How was your holiday? Did you eat clean and train hard?

Me, not so much eating clean, but I've been training pretty damn hard.
Well, not this past week.
I'm injured.
It happened.

If I've learned anything this past week, make sure when you're lifting, your mind is there with you. On December 28, 2012, I went in to WOD with a cluttered mind, thus not concentrating. I've been very uncomfortable with weight on my chest and we were doing front squats. I was about to PR that lift at 200 lbs, but I don't know what happened (yes, I do. I dropped my elbows), I don't know why I bailed (yes, I do. The weight scared me)... but I dropped it and it ended up crashing on my left thumb over extending it. So my wrist/thumb has been shot since then :(

So, I've been pretty disappointed that I haven't been blogging my results. It's okay. I w…