Rest is for the...

...wickedly broken.

I'm still pretty peeved that I can't WOD to my fullest potential. I've been stretching my hand/thumb and it just feels BLAH.

On Monday, January 14, 2013, of course the WOD was all snatches. I say this every time, but I love snatches. Instead of the WOD the rest of my fellow crossfitters partook in, I did this:

A: Find 1RM for Reverse Row

B: For time:
30 wall ball shots
15 negative pull ups
30 wall ball shots
12 negative pull ups
30 wall ball shots
9 negative pull ups

C: 3 x 25 abs of your choice

Results A: 130 lbs ... I need to practice working on keeping my chest down and not rounding my back.

B: I used an 8# ball, making sure not to catch it too hard on my left hand. I added 40 jumping squats after I finished, making my time at 10:13

C: I just used the abmat and got my abs going

Yesterday, January 15, 2013...

A: Back Squat 9 x 2 (last 4 sets should be at 85% of 1RM)

B: 4 rounds:
Max reps push press (I did a Spear type movement, which I like to call The John Bender)
30 double unders (90 single turns)
Rest 60 seconds

C: Max effort: 400m run

Results A: 195 lbs

Results B: I used a 25 lb dumbbell for The John Bender. I swear my right arm is going to be buff, lol.
18-16-17-12 reps in those 4 rounds

Results C: 1:53 ... Cecilia and I started out strong, then about a quarter of the way, we both started jogging, lol. It's okay! We made it under 2 minutes so that has to be some kind of accomplishment!

I headed home right after so we could celebrate my mom's birthday! I'll post a picture right after.

So, now that I have no incentive (okay yes I do, healthy!) to stay Whole 30, I've been lagging big time. I haven't meal planned and I keep eating garbage. I have to get my shit together this week for sure.