CrossFit Total and Beautiful Creatures

Monday, February 4, 2013
CrossFit Total Time!
3 attempts at 1 RM:
Back Squat
Shoulder Press
I PRed on each lift. The numbers below are my before/after PRs
235/240 lb Back Squat
85/90 lb Shoulder Press
285/290 lb Deadlift
I PRed on each lift by 5 lbs. It's not much but considering I'm still sore on my sprained wrist/thumb, I did well!
CrossFit Total: 620 lbs
I talked to my brother about it, and according to some chart, my weight bracket... my total should be around 520 lbs. So I'm in between the Advanced/Elite level for this. True or not, I was so damn happy about my PRs.
Here's an unflattering picture, but I got that deadlift!
I have been going to crossfit on a daily basis but I'm not blogging about each WOD anymore. Maybe it's because I'm still injured, but I'm trying to balance my life out more :)
Last night, Nancy and I went to the Beautiful Creatures Screening in Hollywood. Let me tell you... this was an adventure. We were runing late and left our area at about 5 pm. We had to be there by 6 pm to claim our tickets. (Nancy won these on KIIS FM, thank you!)
So, we didn't get parked and settled until 7 pm. We walked our happy asses to the Chinese Theatre and the security told us will call pick ups were nearby. So we went. When we went, the lady said radio winners have to go to Coffee Bean. We couldn't go the way we came so we had to go down to Highland and Hollywood and walk ALL the way back down to Hollywood and Orange. No one was there at Coffee Bean. We crossed the street AGAIN and met with the radio people. They said the cutoff time was at 6:30 pm.
The lady I spoke to asked what time we got there... I looked at Nancy and her face was about to give out the truth so I told her, "We got here at 6 but they told us to go down to the other Will Call Office and they had us go to Coffee Bean." She was like, "Oh, I'm sorry about that, you need to talk to this guy [in blue]" so I did, told him our... "situation" and he gave us two passes and we were at the front of the line! WHEW. Thank goodness we got so lucky!
The movie was pretty good, but I made the mistake of power reading the past few days to finish the book. I finished yesterday at 3:58 pm just in time before work ended. It was all fresh in my mind.
Advice: Do not read the book if you want to thoroughly enjoy the movie. The movie was good for what it was, book is much better hands down! Of course. The actor who played Ethan NAILED it and I'm glad the movie was pretty good (again, for what it was).
After the movie, we were hungry so we headed back to Torrance to get some In & Out. I ran into my good friend, Carlos! We've been friends since we were 4 or 5. That's at least 20 years!