Dairy... WHY?

So, I've officially re-incorporated dairy back into my diet, and you know what... IT SUCKS. I've been breaking out on my chest, and I gained weight so fast. This is ridiculous.

My body really liked being all meat/veggies/fruits/nuts... It's only been 2 weeks and I've been performing bad, I'm sluggish, and I'm not sleeping well.

I didn't realize how bad dairy and some carbs would affect me this much.

I guess it's time to change my 80% paleo lifestyle to 98% (I like Coldstones, ok?!)

Oh, I also noticed I'm not driven to keep updating. Why? I feel lazier, and it sucks. So hopefully the next couple weeks will be better...

But tonight... CrossFit Open 13.2.

Can't wait.


  1. Hey my sister. I've missed you bish. Gosh I can't believe how healthy nut you've become. Good girl. I'm proud of you. Jon's become a gym freak as of recently. He's already lost 13lbs in a month half. That's A LOT for him. Go girrrrrl..

    Love you Sis.

    1. Hi Ate Ash! Our lives are just so busy, but most importantly, we keep going :) I plan on going to Hawaii, maybe 2014/2015 so I will definitely bug you.

      And good for Jon! That IS a lot of weight in a month and a half! Is he being healthy about it? Congrats for him!


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