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Slow Progress is Progress.

How are you all doing? I'm still recovering from the flu/cold I had last week. All I have left now is a light cough, which is bad right when I first get up in the morning. Almost there!
Being off for a week from WODing really took a toll on me. Feeling weak and like I'm not doing anything probably made me feel worse. But, I guess I just really needed the rest.
On Saturday night, Nancy and I headed out to Mai Tai out in Long Beach for a fellow crossfitter's birthday. Not many pictures were taken that night, but here's my outfit anyway. I need color in my life apparently (even my brother told me) so on Sunday, I hung out with Nancy and Ana and we headed to the mall and I picked myself up a couple of new bright pieces. I'll upload a pic whenever I decide to wear it, lol.
Steven and I were supposed to wake up early on Sunday to go get some pancakes from Original Pancake House, which is our usual Sunday routine every couple weeks or so. We didn't wake up on time, so we decided to go to Whole Foods and The Counter... except I didn't want The Counter. We ended up at Sammy's Wood Fired Grill and had some of these yummy duck tacos!
After all the grocery shopping, mall shopping, I finally headed out to Dan's where he took me to Target to get... Breaking Dawn Part 2! He bought my gas too.... totally spoiled me :)
So I've had quite a busy weekend, and I can't wait to have a chill weekend soon. I don't know how I keep getting busy, lol.
Monday, March 4, 2013
Warm up: 200 rope turns and Ero warm up
A: Power Snatch 7 x 1
B: 5 RFT
50 foot overhead lunge 45/25
5 wall walks
10 power snatches 115/75
Results A: I attempted to hit a new PR at 115 lb and failed. So my current PR is still at 110 lb. Coach A was telling me to bring the bar to my hips because I'm just kind of looping it. I kept practicing but I couldn't nail it yesterday.
Results B: Cut off at 20 minutes, I finished at 19:13 Rx! The wall walks were a killer. I could have gotten closer to the wall, but with my hand being handicapped right now, I got as close as I could. Coach Andrew and Coach Ben kept pushing me and pushing me. I mean with all my grunting and I had better finish!
After that, Nancy and I went to the beach to put in a little run. I couldn't hang. I was completely dunzo from the WOD. We then proceeded to have a healthy-protein-packed salad from Stacked.
Today? I think it'll be my rest day.
CrossFit Open? Yes. I'm doing it. We'll see how this goes! Cuz after all, it's just for fun!!


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