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Sorry for not updating, guys! I've been pretty busy and things are changing on my end. I'm starting to get back into WODing 4-5 times a week. I  hope all of you are doing well! I'll update soon :)

Happy April!

How was your guys' Easter? How did you guys do on 13.4? We only have one more WOD for the Open so let's go hard!

13.4 WOD consisted of:
3 clean & jerks
3 toes to bars
6 clean & jerks
6 toes to bars ...
and increases by 3 each round

Considering I don't practice toes to bar, I set my goal to complete up to 9. I ended up doing a total of 50 reps, so 12 clean & jerks and 2 toes to bar. My wrist/thumb was killing me but I exceeded my expectations!

After yesterday's WOD, I was hanging out with Nancy while she practiced her toes to bar.. she's getting closer! Just gotta be more aggressive. I decided to try doing a kipping pull up.

And I fucking did it.

I did 5! Broken though, lol.

It was the first time in 3 months I was able to do a kipping pull up, and actually a chest to bar kipping pull up! I'm getting stronger, just gotta keep stretching this bad boy out.

I'm in a good mood. So...