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Busy badonk!

Hey guys! I know I keep updating less and less. It's really hard to WOD hard with a sprained thumb and trying to PR.  I've had a busy weekend. How are you all doing? Saturday, we did man makers for the first time. We also practiced some gymnastics! It was my first time doing Skin the Cat. I need to trust myself because I'm sure I have the mobility in my body to do a full range of motion for Skin the Cat. Here. Witness my struggle. After my morning WOD and recovery meal, I headed out with my friend Tiffany to the Aloha Festival in Santa Fe Springs. It was hot. And it was great. We ended up going to Nordstrom Rack and Sprouts to satisfy our paleo needs and ended up goofing around a bit. I saw Nancy and Ana at Sprouts so it was cool introducing everyone. Yesterday, Sig and I headed down to Del Mar for So Cal Regionals! It was great seeing all the athletes compete and whatnot. One of our locals was partaking in the event, Tory Morgan. He represents local gym Code 3 but train…

Paleo: Interview at CrossFit Ero

So, I was interviewed this weekend about my experience in last year's Paleo Challenge at my gym, CrossFit Ero. We are currently having another paleo challenge and I'm actively participating, but not officially IN the challenge. I haven't been updating much because I'm focusing on healing. I have a sprained thumb, dislocated my knee last week (my coach put it back in place!), and yesterday, I fell and ate it hard at Ross and landed on the knee I dislocated so it's pretty swollen. Although, I did PR on my mile run! 8:56, lol. I haven't had a fast mile since I was in high school. Anyways, here's what was featured on CrossFit Ero's page yesterday!

Hope everyone's first week on the Paleo Challenge went well. Last year's Paleo Challenge winner was Stacy V. Her strong discipline in eating clean and working out have helped her transform exponentially in losing weight and building strength. Have you seen how much she back squats?

We want to share Sta…

...and I'm back.

Sorry for the lack of updates guys! I miss blogging about every WOD but you know... going almost every day is kind of hard. So I'll be posting more of my main points and stuff. Anyways, this past Sunday (4/28/13) some members from Ero and I went on a hike in PV. It was very pleasant. Monday, April 29, 2013 Warm up: 200 rop turns and Ero warm up A: Front Squat 3x12 @65% B: 200m run 5 thrusters 135/95 10 chest to bar 400m run 10 thrusters 20 chest to bar 800m run 15 thrusters 30 chest to bar C: 3x25 abmat sit ups Let me tell you... this WOD killed me. Results A: 125 lbs I am still paranoid about weight on me in the front. But I'm getting better. I actually did this at my 65% so that means progress! I need to keep my knees out and stop having them wiggle back in. I need to strengthen my inner thighs. Results B: 23:21 at 75# and kipping pull ups This is the first WOD since I've hurt myself in December that I did all kipping pull ups. It's frustrating because I had to r…