...and I'm back.

Sorry for the lack of updates guys! I miss blogging about every WOD but you know... going almost every day is kind of hard. So I'll be posting more of my main points and stuff.
Anyways, this past Sunday (4/28/13) some members from Ero and I went on a hike in PV. It was very pleasant.
Monday, April 29, 2013
Warm up: 200 rop turns and Ero warm up
A: Front Squat 3x12 @65%
B: 200m run
5 thrusters 135/95
10 chest to bar
400m run
10 thrusters
20 chest to bar
800m run
15 thrusters
30 chest to bar
C: 3x25 abmat sit ups
Let me tell you... this WOD killed me.
Results A: 125 lbs
I am still paranoid about weight on me in the front. But I'm getting better. I actually did this at my 65% so that means progress! I need to keep my knees out and stop having them wiggle back in. I need to strengthen my inner thighs.
Results B: 23:21 at 75# and kipping pull ups
This is the first WOD since I've hurt myself in December that I did all kipping pull ups. It's frustrating because I had to re-learn how to kip and whatnot. What I noticed since my injury, my upper body has been getting stronger anyway. When I get a good kip in, I can do chest to bar easy. And the following picture marks my first milestone!
I got my first tear!
Not a good picture since I look like I've been with child for 3 months. LOL.
Thanks, Okady for pushing me!!
On Tuesday, I rested. TOM is in town so everything was hitting me. My friend Tiffany wanted to do the paleo challenge with me (official logging starts today) and I met up with her and her mom at Whole Foods. I was fascinated by the kid's carts, so... I took full advantage.
Last night, was fun. But first, I went to the doctor after work and had my thumb checked out. I aggravated it some time last week or the week before doing a series of snatches and clean & jerks. Turns out I have a sprain on my thumb. Doctor told me to wear a brace for 4 weeks (UGH) and straight up said NO LIFTING. UGHH. I got an x-ray done, and a follow up with my doctor and a sports physical therapist next week.
So I got to the gym and Coach D lent me his wrist straps and showed me how to snatch with it. Talk about relief! But he said to keep it braced for 1 week and see how I feel. I'm going to have to modify or do completely different WODs until then.
Warm up: 100 rope turns or 50 double unders + Ero warm up
A: Hang power snatch 7 x 1
10 pull ups
15 snatches 75/55
20 push ups
Results A: I was experimenting with the wrist straps so I ended up hitting 105. My PR is 115 power snatch, so I know I can hit higher doing a full snatch.
Results B: 2 rounds + 4 pull ups
I went Rx! So that made me happy!
After the WOD, Cecilia and I hung out at the gym until 8 pm for the paleo challenge meeting.
My stats from October/November Challenge:
Start weight: 172 lbs
End weight: 162 lbs
Start hips: 41"
End hips: 39 7/8"
Start waist: 39"
End waist: 37"
Start baseline WOD: 6:30, negative pull ups
End baseline WOD: 5:56, negative pull ups
My stats from yesterday, May 1:
Start weight: 170 lbs (oops, lol)
Start hips: 40.7"
Start waist: 38"
Start baseline WOD: 6:39
So, I gained most of my weight back, an inch on my hips and waist (my clothes still fit fine), but I improved on my baseline. Even though my time is longer than before, I'm doing kipping pull ups, which is a big thing for me. I hope to lose 15 lbs by the end of the challenge, and since I'm handicapped for a little while, maybe this rest will do more good and result in more weight loss.
Oh, and I got my first rip on my left hand too. So 2 rips in 1 week! This is progress!


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