Girls Day

One of the good things about being at CrossFit Ero are the people I work out with. On Saturday, September 14th, I pretty much spent the entire day with people from the gym.

Headed out to the City of Artesia to shoot stuff.

 I officially want a gun.

 Courtey, Jackie and I striking a post while the boys shoot their gunzzz.

Nancy, me and Cecilia at the Paint n Pour in Redondo Beach

 I decided to do my own painting with Courtney. Mine looks like mustard/relish motif. And there goes tipsy Jackie!

Our finished products with some Ero girls

After our little painting session, Jackie, Courtney, Nancy, Cecilia and I decided to hit up bars at Hermosa to get our drink and dance on. It was pretty cool. Turns out, Geoff Stults was there watching the fight... his buddy bought us a round of drinks AND Mr. Stults ended up buying NANCY a drink, chatted her up and danced a bit. No need to believe me! But, man... that was a fun night. W ended the night satisfying our hunger at In & Out. 2legit.

We all have crossfit in common. But going out and bonding like we have, is just fueling our friendships and getting to know each other outside of the gym. 

Personal rant: any type of relationship requires effort. The end.