Hello, 80% Paleo World.

I must say I had a very good weekend. On Friday, I had a girls night out and naturally, like the females in Amurrrrica, we saw Magic Mike. Not too big on the plot, but the stripping and dancing definitely got my antsy in my pantsy. JK. Sort of.
I spent the weekend with le boyfriend; this is probably the last weekend he'll have off for a long while. Congratuations to him on his new job!
Today, my brother turns 28. Happy Birthday!

Anyways, back to Magic Mike. Those men are freaking ripped. UNF. Just look at their bodies! Okay yeah, they may have personal trainers and are on super strict diets to attain all o' dat, but DAYUM. I would love to have a body that someone would envy, lol. As I've mentioned in a previous post, I have taken unhealthy methods of quick weight loss. To be honest, I do have that personality and mentality of desperation of losing weight quickly. And c'mon, if you know me, you've seen me yo-yo at least twice.

I really want to do things the right way and stay healthy -- mentally, physically and spiritually -- the rewards will definitely be greater. I'm not even going to lie, I ate HORRIBLY this weekend. And this morning, I feel kind of crappy. Damn those yummy starchy-greasy foods.
I've been making a compliation of Paleo Recipes that are doable for a noob like me (my specialty is a scrambled egg sandwich). My friend, Yen, recommended Peas & Crayons. I love this website and I refer to this website on a daily basis. Have I cooked more than my mini quiches? No. But now that I have a rather set schedule, I definintely have the time and means to put together yummy dishes.

I will be easing into Paleo to lower my chances of binging. Today is Day 1 of Paleo. Tonight, I will make one hell of a tasty dish... hopefully.
Happy Monday!