Competition & Comraderie

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Warm up: 100 rope turns - bear crawls - 100 rope turns

A: Front Squat

B: 4 rounds for total time
30 jumping lunges
10 thrusters 95/65
10 C2B pull ups
Rest 2 minutes

To my surprise, there were only 3 people at the 7pm class last night. Me, a male WODer and the coach. I'm definitely getting better at my single rope turns, hopefully I can start doing double unders consistently. When Fellow WODer and I did the bear crawls, you know... it's a warm up so I was taking my sweet time and this guy hauls it past me! He looks back and goes, "C'MON STACY!" so I started hauling ass behind him, of course he beat me... DAMMIT. It's okay. It was fun, lol.

Results A: 85-95-105-115-135 and decided to try a little more weight ... I PRed at 140 lbs. Since this was 2-person class, lol, we were constantly rooting each other on and keeping each other motivated. It was great.

Results B: 14:10 at 35 lbs thrusters (damn my shoulder) and 20" box for jumping pull ups

It turns out that he has a bad shoulder too! We were both suffering through our WOD but we managed to get through it. I also felt kind of lucky that there were only two of us, because I got to talk a little more with Coach P and get to know her.

Post WOD, I headed over to Nancy's job and hung out until closing. We went to LA after to run a quick errand and had a late dinner together. She started crossfit because of a voucher that she bought at another local gym and she's loving it. If only it weren't so expensive! :( Well, all I know is that I wouldn't mind doing mock crossfit exercises with her at good, old 24.

Anyways, today's WOD looks KILLER. But I already WODed 3 days in a row. I'm putting in max effort to get out of bed and to potty. UGH. So until tomorrow...