Holiday Hiatus

So like, sorry for the lack of updates. I didn't realize that I was actually going to be busy these past few weeks. How was your holiday? Did you eat clean and train hard?

Me, not so much eating clean, but I've been training pretty damn hard.
Well, not this past week.
I'm injured.
It happened.

If I've learned anything this past week, make sure when you're lifting, your mind is there with you. On December 28, 2012, I went in to WOD with a cluttered mind, thus not concentrating. I've been very uncomfortable with weight on my chest and we were doing front squats. I was about to PR that lift at 200 lbs, but I don't know what happened (yes, I do. I dropped my elbows), I don't know why I bailed (yes, I do. The weight scared me)... but I dropped it and it ended up crashing on my left thumb over extending it. So my wrist/thumb has been shot since then :(

So, I've been pretty disappointed that I haven't been blogging my results. It's okay. I was going hard for a few weeks and this has to be some kind of blessing in disguise to rest.


Anyways, Christmas was a very long day. Dan came over to the house a bit before noon. My family and I headed over to my uncle's house for Christmas lunch. Very low key and whatnot. My uncle prepped some awesome American food.We usually have Filipino food, but change is good :)

After hanging out for a few hours, Dan and I drove to Santa Barbara (1.5 hours away, ugh) to his aunt's house. That, was not so low key. Either way, we both got to spend time with our families, and I got a new remote control stunt helicopter out of it, lol.

Anyways, today is Day 1 of my own independent Paleo Challenge. Let's see how this goes...