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It seems that I feel I should update once a month... woops! It's just so hard to find the time these days.

The last weekend of September, I went to Yosemite with Dan and his family. We stayed in a very nice cabin. Too much fresh air, hiking kind of hurt my lungs. Driving... I get motion sickness easily, so imagine me stuck at the very back of a big van? Horrible. Overall good trip because I got to spend the weekend with Mr. Dan.

 I turned 26 this year. I shut off all birthday notifications and disabled my facebook wall just to see who remembered my birthday. How mature, right? I just had a bar shindig, courtesy of Nancy and Cecilia! 

 This past weekend, I represented CrossFit Ero, with a bunch of other of my fellow gym members... at CrossFit 310 as they hosted the Barbells 4 Boobs event. We had to do Grace (30 reps of clean and jerks, 135/95). I did do the prescribed weight, but let me tell ya... it HURT. My PR is actually 3:47 but I finished Saturday at 4:09 :( Guess I have to work on my cardio!!

It was also Nancy's birthday! After the event, we all headed to Stacked. The girls and I went shopping. And ended up going to dinner at Greenfield's in Long Beach... Brazilian BBQ. YUM!

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  1. I'm hecka proud of you sis. All the cross fit is looking hardcore but incredible on you. You always been a toughy! Happy birthday old farty by the way :) I shouldn't talk. We're October babies! lol.


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